Is Medical Coding Different from Medical Billing?

Is Medical Coding the same as Medical Billing?

No. However the medical coder and medical biller could possibly be the same person or may function tightly with each other to get certain all invoices are paid correctly, the medical coder is mostly to blame for abstracting and assigning the correct coding in the claims. In order to achieve this, the coder inspections a variety of resources within the patient’s healthcare record, (i.e. the transcription from the doctor’s information, ordered lab assessments, wanted imaging scientific studies and also other resources) to verify the task that had been completed. Then the coder should allocate CPT® codes, ICD-9 codes and HCPCS codes to equally report the processes that were carried out in addition to provide you with the medical biller with all the current info necessary to method a settlement declare for compensation through the proper insurance policy agency.

There is certainly considerable levels of assortment one of many many promises a medical coder operations every day. Although codes differ a good price in specificity and breadth, another write-up signifies just what a sample medical coding deal may appear like.